Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The most anticipated weekend of the year-IMATS- ABBW2011

Well the makeup even of the year is almost here, what is it I here you say, none other that the International Makeup Artist Trade Show or IMATS as its commonly known.
It coincides with the other most anticipated event that is the ABBW2011, the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. A whole weekend of amazing event created by the incredible Jacie from http://www.youvegotnail.com/, and Kimmi from http://www.theplasticdiaries.com/, with over 80 beauty bloggers from around the country in attendance it promises to be a cracker of a weekend.

This will be the third year I will be making the trip to Sydney town to join in the festivities.
There is a fab tag floating around the blogosphere all about IMATS so I thought I would have a go.

What am I most looking forward to????

That’s hard to narrow down, meeting some of the wonderful people I have “met” online but have yet to have the pleasure of their company, Seeing all the new products and tools available, and being surrounded by like minded people who share my love for all things makeup.

What am I hoping to purchase????

I’m hoping to pick up some more brushes from crown and royal and lannickle. I also want to get some more inglot freedom systems and some more of their lip paints.  
I really want to have a look at what’s new in airbrush makeup I’m always on the hunt for something new and different. I am also interested in finding a portable airbrush system.
I will probably pick up some OCC lip tars, it doesn’t matter how many I own I can always find a new colour that inspires me.
I will also be on the hunt for a new liquid/ cream foundation to add to my kit.
I am also really excited to check out the hakuhodu brushes, I have seen them previously but I am keen to add some to my brush collection soon.

There are two many wonderful retailers to mention I am sure I will make some unplanned purchases due to the multitude of awesomeness that is IMATS, I can hardly contain my excitement.

For more info on IMATS – http://www.imats.net/
All you need to know – http://www.theabbw.com/

Its all about colour baby - Kit cosmetics Viva La Colour

I was super excited to be invited along to the release of Kit cosmetics new Viva la colour range. I was given the most wonderful makeover by one of the fantastic artist at the Brisbane city store. I have only had my makeup done by someone else on a few occasions, so I really enjoyed being pampered.
The colours in the range are incredible, the minute you walk into the store the bright colours of the products and the packaging instantly make you smile.

The beautiful pallet containing 12 mineral eye shadows, 4 mineral blush, 2 cream blush, and 6 lipsticks caught my eye instantly, it was so compact and versatile I wanted it in my life. At $69.95 it was a great buy, but I talked my self out of it at the time, because I already own so much makeup did I really need it???

As well as the makeup application I was also given 2 of the products from the range, I picked a blush in the colour peachy keen and a lipstick in the colour fire starter a beautiful pinky coral.
 I didn’t own a kit lipstick until this one and I am really impressed the product is beautiful, it applies so well it has a creamy finish that feels amazing on the lips and the pigmentation is fantastic.  The thing I was most impressed by is the packaging it doesn’t feel flimsy at all it is really sturdy and I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in my handbag.

The artist also used Kits mineral foundation on me and I was really happy with the results the coverage was great, and my skin felt fantastic I couldn’t stop touching it, it didn’t feel like it had makeup on at all it felt hydrated and silky, I will be adding some to my collection ASAP.

When I arrived home my mind kept wandering back to that beautiful pallet, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. After seeing how well the products lasted on my face I felt I would most definitely get a lot of use out of it, so I jumped on the kit cosmetics website and ordered the baby.

Since it has arrived I have found myself reaching for it everyday, the colours are really versatile and I find I can achieve a multitude of look from the one pallet.
I think I may have to make another order the nail polishes in this range are super cute as well.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MAC Face and Body Foundation - Review

I have been using MAC’s face and body foundation personally and in my Kit for about 12 months now, and it is on of the products I get asked the most about.

I think it is a product people get scared of because of its name, people tend to think there is something complicated about the way this foundation needs to applied. But it’s simply a sheer coverage foundation that is commonly used on the face as well as the body.

The foundation delivers a very sheer coverage with a dewy finish, it gives that “my skin but better” look that works really well for people with reasonable skin. I wouldn’t recommend this product to people that love a full coverage, it is buildable but only from sheer to a light/medium coverage.
It does give a beautiful natural finish but I find it can feel slightly sticky.  If I use a translucent powder it does settle, I have also set this with the MAC mineralized skin finish natural for a semi mat finish.
If my skin is behaving its self I can get away with this foundation but if I have a few breakouts I don’t feel that this gives me enough coverage.

I do use this a lot in my kit as it looks really natural on the skin so it works well in photography and film, I also use this a lot for teens as it isn’t to heavy.
I prefer to apply this either with a traditional foundation brush or with a wet beauty pod, I have also put this through my airbrush and achieved a great result.

The price of this foundation is one of the huge selling factors for myself, and a lot of others out there. It works out so economically  that is a great addition to a makeup artist’s kit.  At $60 for a huge 120ml bottle compared to your standard foundation size of 30 mls, what a ripper I am well and truly sold, on both performance and price.