Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr Perricone's "super" skincare launch

I had the opportunity to head along to kit cosmetics during the week to check out the new range of skincare  by Oprah's skin doctor Dr Nicholas Perricone. The "super" range is a collection of products that all contain "super foods" in there ingredients such as melon and ginger.
While in the store i was treated to a Quickie facial treatment targeted to my individual skin care needs. As i have issues with acne i received the "Breakout star" facial for acne prone/ oily or red skin. The consultant was very informative and gave me a thorough breakdown of all the products as she was using them.

She double cleansed my skin with the sweet clean containing Acai, then applied the 3 minute facial mask with ginger. She let it do its magic while i relaxed, she then removed the mask and sprayed my face with the detox elixir mist that contains watercress.
She treated my tired eyes with the bright eyed flawless eye treatment and finished with the hyper hydrator daily moisture cream that contains coconut.
My skin looked and felt like a dream, the whole experience was wonderful, products worked wonders on my skin, and the fragrance of them was amazing. The sent of the products really reflects the super food ingredient's they contain, the eye cream and the moisturiser smelt good enough to eat.

The super range is available nationally at Kit cosmetic stores as well as online -

and through mecca maxima stores  check them out you wont be disappointed,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Activance hair stimulant review-

I was recently sent this product to trial, and it came at a very good time, I have been scalp bleaching my hair for about 6 months and the side effects were really staring to show I have been experiencing a lot of hair breakage and my hair looked and felt like straw. I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep the blonde up as the damage to my hair was getting dire.
I received Activance about a month ago and have been using after I wash my hair daily since.

The product comes in a spray bottle and is the only product on the market that contains rhodanide a nutrient found in egg yolks, and it works by boosting the rhodanide levels in your hair which improves moisture and strengthens hair and boost hair growth.
I have been amazed by this product. I saw a huge difference in my hair, the first week of using it my hair had a shine again, and the dry cracked ends looked and felt much finer and less dry.
I have been using activance for a month now and my hair looks and feels healthier than it did before I started bleaching it. I have no concerns that I wont be able to keep up my blonde hair now and even my husband commented on how soft my hair feels.
The only thing I don’t love about this product is the smell, It is almost a male fragrance, as this product is design for both men and women, I understand that men would be reluctant to use it if it smelt to feminine but I think it could be slightly less masculine with out offending the males senses.
But I will live with the sent for the results I have found from using this amazing product.
It has just been released in Australia after receiving rave reviews through out Europe visit for stockists   rrp of $55.00
I will defiantly be purchasing this product once this bottle runs out the results speak for themselves