Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sunscreen review

I am the first to admit that i have been lazy with sun protection in the past. Especially for my face, i am quite pale and have been pretty good with sunscreen for my body over the years but on a daily basis my face has been forgotten.
I am always vigilant with the kids and they all get smothered with sunscreen everyday before school and on the weekend, but i never think to put it on myself.
Recently i have started using an AHA products on my face and the warning about using a sun protectant were to glaring to dismiss. 
One of the main reasons i don't like to apply sunscreen to my face is the grease factor, i have had no luck finding something that will protect my skin but also sit well under my makeup.
So when i spotted USPA Organic Sun Defense SPF 20 while i was in a salon recently i was keen to give it a try.
 Firstly i applied a small amount to the back of my hand to give it the first swatch test and i was pleasantly surprised the product didnt feel heavy or very greasy. The sun defense also has a really nice "herbal"sent not at all like other sunscreens.
The product does leave a shimmer on the skin not unsimilar to MAC's strobe liquid but as the product dries i find the shimmer disappears.
I personally love this product and i will continue to repurchase this one,  i love the organic nature of this product and my skin seems to love it too.
USPA products are available at selected salons or online at - http://www.uspa.com.au/store/default.asp
I have also been using other skincare items from there range and will have reviews up for them soon

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  1. Cool havent heard of these before, sounds great. Love that this is Organic and its not often you can find SPF that is not greasy. Wish they did SPF 30