Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAC Champale collection Haul

Here is a few things i picked up from the Champale and Stylishly yours collections, i was reasonably well behaved i originally thought i would get most of both collections but after careful consideration most of the things i didn't pick up i already had dupes for or something close.
I purchased the paint pots in Dangerous curveƩ , Vintage selection, cream colour bases in Virgin Isle and Tickle me pink, the special reserve highlight powder in chez chez lame', and fix+ lavender.
I have to admit until now i have not owned a paint pot and am please to say i am in love i used both yesterday in a soft neutral eye look and got a tonne of compliments i fount them subtle but buildable on there own, i am yet to use them as a base.
The fix+lavender is to die for i will be ordering a couple of back ups, i love the original and use it continuously and the added lavender is so pretty and refreshing perfect for these hot humid days.


  1. OooOoo Nice Haul!!
    I love paint pots!! They are to die for. I only have one but always sneakily steal my mums!

  2. thanks, the paint pots are wonderful i will deffinatly be getting some more soon